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Office Location:    222 N. Walnut St., Suite A
     PO Box 716
Reedsburg, WI 53959 

Phone: (608) 524-0387
Fax: (608) 524-3575

Editors & Staff


Editor: Troy Matz

Classified Sales & Subscriptions: Heather Stanek
or call 608-524-0387

Display Advertising


Advertising sales: Karen Schrank

Email Karen at
or call 608-524-0387 (office)

Office Hours and Deadlines


Office Hours are Monday -Thursday 8:00 am - NOON

The classified advertising deadline is typically Monday at 9:00 am, the display ad deadline is typically Friday at 10:00 am (for the Indy ONLY). To get into the Northern Sauk County Buyers Guide as well, classified ads need to be in typically by Wednesday at 12:00 noon and display ads by Wednesday at 1:00 pm. The editorial deadline, including letters to the editor and other submitted materials such as Announcement page and Community page items, is typically Monday at 12:00 noon. These deadlines are occasionally changed by holidays, such as Labor Day, and other factors. Check with the office staff if you have any concerns (608-524-0387 or 608-767-3655).

If you have items for the editor- news items/press releases, announcements, community page submissions, letters to the editor, photos to submit, etc., please do so via e-mail if at all possible. This ensures that your information is correct and complete.

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